Serves: 2
Prep: 10 mins
Cook: 45 mins


Nutrition per serving:

308 kcal 

2g Fats 

57g Carbs 

7g Protein


   What you need :     

• 1 cup (150g) cherry tomatoes

• 3 tsp. olive oil

• 1 onion, chopped

• 1 clove garlic, sliced

• ⅛tsp. cinnamon

• ½ cup (90g) risotto rice, for example, arborio

• ½ cup (120ml) dry white wine, optional

• 1 large basil sprig

• 3 large tomatoes, diced

• 3 cups (720ml) vegetable stock

  What do you need to do :     

  • Heat 2 tsp. oil in a large pan over medium heat, add the cherry tomatoes and fry them until they turn golden and start cracking for about 5-7 minutes. 

  • Once cooked, remove from the pan and set aside.   In the same pan, heat another 1 tsp. of oil and add onions, garlic, and cinnamon. 

  • Fry for 1-2 minutes and then add the rice, mixing well until combined. 

  • Next, add the basil sprig and white wine.   When the wine evaporates, add the chopped tomatoes, season with salt, and simmer on medium heat for 5 - 8 minutes - after this pour in the first portion of the stock. Keep adding the stock as needed, stirring frequently. 

  • This process will take about 15-18 minutes. The risotto is ready when the rice is slightly al dente.   Once prepared, add the cherry tomatoes back to the prepared risotto, season with salt and pepper, and serve immediately.