Serves: 2
Prep: 5 mins
Cook: 10 mins


Nutrition per serving:

265 kcal
9g Fats
17g Carbs
28g Protein


   What you need :     

• 2 handfuls lambs lettuce 

• 4 egg whites, whisked 

• 1 tbsp. water 

• 1 tsp. coconut oil 

• 4 tbsp. cottage cheese 

• 1 tbsp. horseradish 

• 4.5 oz. (125g) smoked trout 

• 2 slices whole meal or gluten free bread

  What do you need to do :     

  • Remove tough stems from the lambs lettuce and set aside. 

  • In a small bowl whisk the egg whites with the tablespoon of water. 

  • Heat the coconut oil in a small frying pan over medium heat, then add in the eggs whites and cook for 4 minutes. 

  • Next cover the frying pan with a lid and leave for another 2-3 minutes, until cooked. 

  • Meanwhile, stir the cottage cheese with the horseradish, season with salt and pepper. Cut the trout into pieces and toast the bread. 

  • Once omelet is cooked cut it into half. 

  • Spread the cottage cheese onto the toast, top with half the omelet, trout pieces and watercress. Season with salt and pepper, and serve.